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What Does Passive Income Mean to You?

So you want to make a passive income, but why?

What are your reasons?

Is it because you want a secondary income? Is it because you want more financial freedom? Is it because you want more time to do things you enjoy rather than working for “the man”.

As you ponder these questions, let me share with you my top 5 reasons why I want to earn a passive income online. But before i get into my reasons, in case you’re wondering, yes I currently earn a passive income online.

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My Journey to Earning a Passive Income Online

I’ve recently been intrigued with earning passive income online. I know it’s possible because I currently make money online every month without putting any real effort into it. But what if I put some serious effort into this whole passive income movement…how much could I really make and what new techniques could I implement into my online marketing strategies?

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